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    StyleIndex Feb 27, 2017 · cell. point at our fill format row. 3 Aug 2019 Cell cell261 = new Cell(){ CellReference = "E17", StyleIndex = (UInt32Value)11U , DataType = CellValues. cs How to quickly generate spreadsheet data, including cell styles by name, using Office Open XML. This all validates properly when I run it through the OpenXML SDK Productivity Tool, but, when I attempt to open the file in Excel, I get the following error: Repaired Records: Format from /xl/styles. OpenXml; using DocumentFormat. Packaging; using DocumentFormat. Nov 16, 2015 · That was grate for as OpenXML starter. Cell cell = InsertCellInWorksheet(column, row, worksheetPart); cell. The following example creates a spreadsheet document and adds the text "Microsoft" to the cell A2 by using the CellType class. DataType = DataType Cell. Fill properties, which are inherited form the Formatting interface. CellValue = new CellValue(dateResult. Use openxml to modify the cellformat of cell. Append(cell); Hoping my reply could be helpful to you. NET MVC. CellFormats; CellFormat cf = new CellFormat(); cf. Number); cell. Presented by Bob McClellan. public void SetBorderAndFill(WorkbookPart workbookPart, WorksheetPart workSheetPart) { Cell cell = GetCell(workSheetPart, "B2"); CellFormat cellFormat = cell. ToUInt32(1)}; // Assign our defined style with text wrap. ToString(value1); string s = cell. You can use the SDK Document Object Model (DOM), or the Simple API for XML (SAX) reading and writing features. Text = cellValue. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. These are the top rated real world C# (CSharp) examples of InlineString extracted from open source projects. CellValue = new DocumentFormat. The only thing which you can do is to set cell. CellValue. イム: new Cell() { CellReference = "E2", StyleIndex = (UInt32Value)4U, DataType = CellValues. Why you have not defined any RowIndex for your rows? This is also the case with the cells created with “ConstructCell” as there is no definition for “CellReference” there. In order to make the new cell valid in its new location, the “r” attribute must be set to the new cell name (e. With this tool you open a xlsx document and view the structure of the document. if you have any clarification regarding this post please comment below. var originalCellFormat = document. Open XML SDK can help you achieve this with  c# excel cell openxml trim c# - Creating cell comments in an Excel Spreadsheet with OpenXML SDK - c# excel comments //headerCell. OpenXml as shown below and install it. Append(c); return r; } private static Row  3 Jun 2015 OpenXml - how to loop through all cells in Excel - Including empty cells which are ignored by OpenXML. StyleIndex = GetCellFormat(workbookPartSource, workbookPartDestination, cacheCellFormat, cacheCellStyleFormat, cacheBorder ,  2017년 6월 11일 private Cell ConstructCell(string value, CellValues dataType, uint styleIndex = 0) { return new Cell() { CellValue = new CellValue(value), 7 Tháng Mười Hai 2018 OpenXml. 6 i want to display that number in excel as 3. I've shown you how to create a stylesheet in Excel Open XML. 6% how do i achieve this. Above is my code. 3429999 43. StyleIndex = styleIndex. The information isn’t available by interrogating a Cell object. StyleIndex = 1; } public void SetValue(uint rowId, uint columnId, string value) { Cell cell  2018年11月27日 StyleIndex != null) { // スタイルが設定されているなら取得 CellFormat BoxLine, (int)borderId_new); } // CellへCellFormatの設定 ((Cell)this. The Office Open XML format is a standard for text documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, and it can be implemented by multiple applications on different platforms. 0 Productivity Tool” included in the OpenXMLSDKTool. CellFormat>(Convert. Cell cell = new DocumentFormat. 0 NumberFormatId range (1) Lists of formats ID values Now when you add cells use the defines style ID as follows : Cell c1 = new Cell(){StyleIndex = Convert. Text = sv} cell1 = New Cell() With {. When the object is serialized out as xml, its qualified name is x:c. Some notes on Office Open XML. Number; cell. c. Ячейка курса не ограничена, может быть одной ячейкой, может быть десятью ячейками. AppendChild (value); Here is how to apply a custom date format on a cell. {. ApplyFont = true; //append cell format for cells of header row sp. Step 1 - Obtain the object of Excel cell First, create a OpenXMLExcelReader class. OpenXML을 사용하여 Excel 파일을 생성하는 코드를 작성했습니다. This is a quick cut and paste job that will require some rework to make it understandable but it should provide some usable information in the meantime. 0 we can now use the full Office OpenXML SDK inside Cell cell = ConstructCell(dataElement, CellValues. SingleOrDefault(c => cellAddress. 2,035 views2K views. j'essaie de créer un fichier Excel au format xlsx en utilisant OpenXML parce que j'ai besoin de l'utiliser sur un serveur web. FromOADate(Convert. net excel openxml | this question asked Mar 29 '16 at 6:05 Matt Murdock 24 8 1 Possible duplicate of How to set cells' background? Jun 18, 2013 · hmmm. 14%29. c#. How to get cell value with applied formatting (formatted cell value) with OpenXML SDK How to: Change Cell Font and Background Color. ToDouble(s) < 1. Modifies the construction of the header and cell in CreateExcelDoc and pass the desirable style index: Examples. CellValue(column. OpenXml. I've even shown you how to insert an image in StyleIndex = 5; c. Stylesheet; Fill fill = new Fill () { PatternFill = new PatternFill { ForegroundColor = new ForegroundColor { Rgb = fgcolor }, PatternType = PatternValues. DataType = DocumentFormat. 3429999 345. StyleIndex. Once you have created your CellFormat objects, you can apply them to any cell value by setting the StyleIndex property for  Openxml cell styleindex values. Hello, I have create excel sheet with OpenXML libraries. Excel document styling falls under the SpreadsheetML markup language, which is different from Word and PowerPoint. 3. 19 févr. CellReference = getColumnName(columnIndex) + rowIndex; CellValue value = new CellValue(); value. dll and add these in code behind file - using DocumentFormat. ToString() i += 1 Next End If End If Next GridView1. ToOADate(). ToString(); c. Value; cell. Cell styleindex openxml c Cell Class (DocumentFormat. StyleIndex = styleIndex; OpenXML для excel, foreach cell и row У меня есть файл excel и структура, показанная ниже. Text; if ((value2 ==”A” && s != null) || (value2 == “B” && s != null)) {if (Convert. Working with Open XML 2. CellValue = New CellValue(value) If StyleIndex <> -1 Then Cell. e. It is an xlsx file. CellValue = new Elements<Cell>()) { c. if (theCell. Issue I'm running into is the cell I'm parsing does not have a DataType I then check the NumberFormatId to determine if it is decimal, number or date. SharedString }; The last cell of the last row is where I'm trying to add the style. An Office Open XML overview is available on the Ecma website. private Cell createValueCell( int columnIndex, int rowIndex, object cellValue, Nullable<uint> styleIndex) { Cell cell = new Cell(); cell. com Nov 20, 2015 · As you can see, Cell have a property called StyleIndex which gets the index of the style we want to apply to this cell. 29 Mar 2013 InnerText; else if (cell. The possible values for this attribute are defined by the W3C XML Schema unsignedInt datatype. Text = Convert. StyleIndex 多数の投稿を試した後、私は. DataType is date. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. StyleIndex = StyleIndex End If writer. Date; cell. CellReference = GetCellName(columnIndex, rowIndex) Cell. AppendChild(value); return cell; } I suggest you could check wheather cell. EDIT : You need to add stylesheet after adding workbookpart. Please help. See full list on officeopenxml. StyleIndex != null ? this question edited Aug 14 '15 at 14:23 TFrost 674 9 24 asked Aug 14 '15 at 13:37 Pallav 73 1 8 Do you need to check the cell format or are you just trying to parse Date/DateTime values? – mjw Aug 14 '15 at 13:40 Not sure if you can use the IsDate() VBA function but this link might help – paul bica Aug 14 '15 at 19:37 @mjw I am trying to Necesitará obtener la celda que tiene el 3. Overview. As usual documentation on the Net was pretty sketchy, and the bits that I did find usually frustratingly left a crucial point out. Pastebin. char Alpha = 'A' ;. now I added most of the common methods we want to use when we are working with OpenXML. <br> <br> Nov 09, 2009 · In case you don’t know, an Excel Open XML file (or any of the Microsoft Office products in Open XML format such as Word and PowerPoint) is basically a zip file of folders and XML files (and perhaps some media resources). Otherwise, the display var cell = GetCell(sheet, columnName, rowIndex); //method return a cell cell. FromOADate to convert the date. CellFormats. InnerText. Value   2020年10月18日 プロジェクトを作成しOpen XML SDKをインストールします。 Row オブジェクトにCellオブジェクトを追加する際に、StyleIndexプロパティ  Estoy tratando de crear un archivo Excel en formato xlsx usando OpenXML porque StyleIndex = 1; // your style index using numbering format above cell. Here is some quick and dirty information related to formatting a cell. StyleIndex = 4がすべて必要であることを発見しました。 Mar 18, 2018 · Open Xml Add Header Footer with Page Number in Excel Document. using System; using DocumentFormat. StyleIndex = 1; } public void SetValue(uint rowId, uint columnId, string value) { Cell cell  StyleIndex = 4} Else cdt = CellValues. I am using following code for it, but I end up having same data in all sheets. wordpress. WorkbookStylesPart. Returns UInt32Value. I have two questions: 1. Rows. Watch this Cell myCell = wsPart. protected OpenXml. Cell metadata is not accessible via formula reference. Descendants(Of Cell)() dt. My sugesstion is: Mar 23, 2012 · A few months ago I posted an article about how to create and stream an OpenXML spreadsheet using the . Analytics cookies. Cell CreateCell(Row row, String address) { DocumentFormat. StyleIndex = Convert. Best Regards, Amor May 30, 2014 · Getting the custom number format string for an Excel cell using OpenXml is not entirely intuitive. . ToOADate()とCellValues. This question is related to programming using the Open XML architecture that Microsoft makes available. Now when you add cells use the defines style ID as follows : Cell c1 = new Cell(){StyleIndex = Convert. StyleIndex = 0U; cell. That example only created one worksheet in the spreadsheet though and a couple of people have asked how to create multiple worksheets. StyleIndex = 2 17 Oct 2015 OpenXML SDK - Excel Merge Cell. Part 2. Net SDK and ASP. StyleIndex  21 Dec 2009 How to set different fonts, cell borders and cell background colours. Learn more member this. gistfile1. com May 03, 2019 · Now, we have got a Model ready. Rows) {DocumentFormat. We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e. // Add a cell with the specified address to a row. NumberFormat property on cells? Ie. Cell cell16 = new Cell () { CellReference = "HU1", StyleIndex = (UInt32Value)1U, DataType = CellValues. Spreadsheet), It turns out that excel reserves styles 0 and 1 for normal cells and "Gray125" pattern String }); // style index = 1, i. g. I want to apply the % number format using open XML C# I have decimal value 3. H4). If the rows and cells are created so, then there is no chance to refere them later. That's the time I needed to figure out how to set a cell color in an openXml spreadsheet. String; cell. 0. DataBind() End Using End Sub Private Enum Formats General = 0 Jul 15, 2013 · Hi All I am working on a code that will create a spreadsheet with multiple sheets. Solid, ForegroundColor = new ForegroundColor() { Rgb = "FFFF00" } } }; styleSheet. c# excel openxml openxml-sdk | this question asked May 8 '14 at 11:38 Davecz 779 12 30 not familiar with OpenXML but is there no . These are the top rated real world C# (CSharp) examples of styleIndex, bool save = true) { DocumentFormat. ToInt32(cell. Descendants (). microsoft. AppendChild(headerRow); foreach(System. Spreadsheet Cell - 9 examples found. 29 Mar 2016 [英]apply background color to specific cell in excel using openxml however i dont understand the concept of styleindex to apply to a cell. // Copy all cells in the specified range to a new location Mar 18, 2011 · How to Insert Percentage value into a Cell in a Spreadsheet Document (OpenXML SDK) You have Cell cell (with StyleIndex = 3U for example), where you want to insert percentage value: Cell cell = new Cell() This Standard defines Office Open XML’s vocabularies and document representation and packaging. Spreadsheet), Ex : Making CellFormats in Open XML , note difference CellFormat So when  6 Nov 2019 After tested some of them, we decided to opt for Open XML SDK, which cell. For this, add OpenXml from NuGet Packages by right-clicking the project and selecting "Manage NuGet Package" and search openxml. c = new Cell(); . OpenXML styling can be confusing when you take the first look at it. Cell borders are specified with the <tcBorders> element within <w:tcPr/>. Does anyone know where I make a mistake in creating the format of the cell? Thanks a lot. DataType == null ) // number & dates. Width. However, the FormatCode doesn't get applied to the data. StyleIndex = 1;. ColumnName); headerRow. This is the stylesheet XML file produced by the code which you’ll see in a bit. ToList()[(int)theCell. DataRow dsrow in table. String; cell. FillId = styleSheet. Open XML SDK 2. CellValue = new CellValue("REPORT"); r. CellValue = new CellValue(value. Cell cell16 = new Cell(){ CellReference An enumeration representing the cell's data type. Worksheet. Cell styles in OpenXML spreadsheet (SpreadsheetML) (2) A more generic answer, all this I found after testing, so no documentation to point to. OpenXml. cell. 0 using c# to parse large excel files. SharedString }; CellValue cellValue90  13 Oct 2017 Tag: OpenXML Net Standard 2. Apr 27, 2011 · Public Sub WriteCell(writer As OpenXmlwriter, columnIndex As Integer, rowIndex As Integer, value As String, DataType As CellValues, Optional StyleIndex As Integer = -1) Dim Cell As New Cell() Cell. SharedString); This is how the cell will know what styles to apply to itself. Empty; DateTime cellDate = DateTime. com/2010/07/21/setting-a-cell-color-with-open-xml-spreadsheetml/ and http://msdn. To answer Dian. c# - numbering - openxml styleindex C# Open XML 2. Count; cellFormats. Equals("1")) { string strDate = String. Cell cellResult; DocumentFormat. May 23, 2015 · Tow days, and many readings. StyleIndex > 0 ? columnAttribute. Dec 12, 2012 · If row. xlsx first then data added in 'A' column in excel file as a example - at first add reference to DocumentFormat. Row(); foreach(String col in columns) {DocumentFormat. Now  Cell. ToString(CultureInfo. xml part (Styles) The spreadsheet then shows, but the fill isn't applied. Spreadsheet. Add() Dim i As Integer = 0 For Each cell As Cell In row. aspx. AppendChild(fill); //Adding the CellFormat which uses the Fill element CellFormats cellFormats = styleSheet. Value > Rnumber Then dt. cs. <br> But when I enter date, it is not formatting correctly. CellFormats cannot be empty, it must have at least one CellFormat there. The main purpose of the Open XML format is to decouple the information from the software that creates it, without loss of data. StyleIndex = 2;. InlineString, InlineString = new InlineString(new Text("some text")) } しかし、私はこれを行うことができますどのように、改行を挿入する 動作しませんか? Aug 26, 2011 · I wanted to use the OpenXML SDK to create an Excel 2007 spreadsheet on the fly and stream it directly without having to save it to a physical file first. StyleIndex = 1; } public void SetValue(uint rowId, uint columnId, string value) { Cell cell  Date; cell. Mar 20, 2020; 2 minutes to read; You can change cell font color and cell background. Cell refCell = null; // Cells must be in sequential order according to CellReference. StyleIndex in your code. Raw. com is the number one paste tool since 2002. I do try to add color by filling in stylesheet, however i dont understand the concept of styleindex to apply to a cell. For typical cells in Excel, the only style information required is the StyleIndex (as you pointed out). This is my testing code: `string value = null; // If the cell does not exist, return an empty string. NumberingFormats; // cell format string const Jun 18, 2012 · This introduction to OpenXML SpreadsheetML will show how to specify cell values and format them using styles. Then, if the cell has a formula, that formula is parsed and modified using the ReplaceRelativeCell method to update any relative cell references. com/en-us/library/hh180830%28v=office. StyleIndex = columnAttribute. The index here refers to index of CellFormats . Data. What value must be assigned to this property is a big story. Microsoft The key code is this, creating a Cell with a date in it: private static Cell CreateDateCell (string header, int index, DateTime time) { //Create new inline string cell var c = new Cell {CellReference = header + index, StyleIndex = 1}; //Add text to text cell var value = new CellValue {Text = time. Once you understand how this information is laid out, it starts making sense, but it’s definitely not as straight forward as using Excel interop or even VBA macros. StyleIndex = 0; En este estado, cuando abro un file Excel creado en la celda, veo un número. Value)); }. DataType = new EnumValue<CellValues>(CellValues. Packaging; Cell Formats <== cell styleindex is referring to one of these; Cell Styles; Differential Formats; Table Styles; Colors; Stylesheet Extention List. 0を使ってExcel 2010のファイルからセルの値を取り出すサンプル - Priogram. I have an Excel template, where cells are formatted to what i need. Apr 16, 2009 · OpenXML SpreadsheetML Cell Formatting. have a nice day and see you soon with the 2nd part of this post. Je n'ai aucun problème pour remplir les valeurs dans les feuilles; cependant, j'ai du mal à définir le format de Date classique dans une cellule. <br> I need to fill in the values in the appropriate cells. CellReferen CellFormats. String;. Applying % number format to a cell value using OpenXML. C# (CSharp) InlineString - 23 examples found. StyleIndex = 1;//TODO: MANH cell. RowIndex. Row newRow = new DocumentFormat. var styleSheet = document. Cell(); Dec 21, 2009 · If you have the Open XML SDK help document, look at the remarks for Column. Once you set a CellFormats collection in the stylesheet Excel runs a deeper validation on it. How to work with style Index in Open xml?, For typical cells in Excel, the only style information required is the StyleIndex (as you pointed out). Jun 27, 2016 · But when I use OpenXML for retrieve data, it show me different with more than decimal point: 232. From the list, select DocumentFormat. Count++; return result; }. AppendChild(value); return cell; } #endregion #endregion If we exclude the cells will all be strings and focus on having to use a third-party library the alternate is to create a method that a DataTable is passed which uses either OpenXML to export data to Excel which in this case will require a considerable code base, no different if OleDb were to be used to export/import data into Excel. Font and Formatting. following example shows how to do that - here a new document opened from a template file generateddb2. 다음은 Excel ToArray(); //using cell index as my column for (int i = 0; i < cells. CellValues. StyleIndex = 5; c. WriteElement(Cell) End Sub Dec 27, 2011 · protected void DoColourCell(OpenXmlWriter excelWriter, object value1, uint? styleIndex, string value2) {cell. openxml stylesheet example (1) . StyleIndex : DocumentFormat. This is an extract: [Column width measured as the number of characters of the maximum digit width of the numbers 0, 1, 2, …, 9 as rendered in the Normal style’s font. OpenXML add new row to existing Excel file [closed] Create Merge Cells using OpenXML. Columns. OpenXMLを使用してExcelファイルを生成するコードを作成しました。 以下は、Excelで列を生成するコードです。 (cell. The Open XML SDK provides two approaches to parse XML files. they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. DataType = CellValues. Among other, this minimal stylesheet must comprise s two Fills. UInt32Value with get, set Public Property StyleIndex As UInt32Value Property Value UInt32Value. Step3: Create a cell, add the reference to the CellFormat with StyleIndex property. DataType = new EnumValue(CellValues. ToString ()}; c. • Oct 17, 2015. for ( int i = 0; i < dt. String; c. ToString()); cell. Eight different borders can be specified as child elements. Nov 06, 2019 · Some notes on Office Open XML. The main point seems to be that there must be a minimal stylesheet in the spreadsheet. Count - 1)(i) = RemoveSpecialCharacters(GetValue(doc, cell)). NET MVC controllers so all of my controllers will have access to the functionality, I will send in data from my model, next I will create a custom spreadsheet and workbook with styled headers, and finally I will assign a meaningful name to the the Excel file and sheet. Cell Class (DocumentFormat. 454. The code fragments are included in the following document. 2015 Problème avec OpenXml. Cell cell = new Cell() { CellReference = new StringValue(cellName) }; cell. Count; i++). More details,you could refer to below codes: Oct 02, 2013 · The below steps explains how to read the "A1" cell of an excel document with formatting using open xml sdk. Can you I think the basic cell formatting is getting applied because I've set that cell format up so that it aligns to the right which seems to work. Note that the border is a complete four-sided border. InvariantCulture)); cell. CellReference = cellAddr(i)  When it comes to OpenXml, two epocs are used: The 1900 backward var c = new Cell {CellReference = header + index, StyleIndex = 1}; //Add text to text cell update cell in openxml Excel from one excel to another Excel in c#. If the tblCellSpacing value is non-zero, then the cell border will always be displayed. String Dim cv As New CellValue() With {. 18 Mar 2018 Cell c;. 0) {………… Use openxml to create the new cellformat and apply it to cell. 6 y establecer su atributo s (StyleIndex) en el formato de celda recién insertado: Cell cell = workSheetPart. Even changing background colour of a cell is becoming whole challenge in OpenXML. Part 1. To specify these attributes for an individual cell, modify the Cell object's Formatting. It also specifies requirements for consumers and producers of Office Open XML. 234200002 343454 3. AppendChild(cf); currentCell. Numberとcell. Inserting new rows and moving exsisting ones with OpenXML SDK 2. So it could make sure the cell. WorkbookPart. For interest you can read some information and ways to do this in http://bloggingmath. int styleIndex = ( int )cell. StyleIndex = 1; row. First, we have to lookup or create the format in the Workbook's Stylesheet: // get the stylesheet from the current sheet var stylesheet = spreadsheetDoc. AppendChild(cell);} sheetData. CellReference = "A" + index. ToString(); //apply the cell style if supplied if (styleIndex. The border for text runs is specified with the <w:bdr> element within the <w:rPr> element. Stylesheet. ToOADate (). Fills. Unlike a paragraph border, there is no way to specify which sides should have borders. Instead, cells have a StyleIndex which can be used to search through wholly separate collections of CellFormats and NumberingFormats. Equals("A1")); cell. private static DocumentFormat. WorkbookStylesPart. It finally ends by the use of the OpenXml SDK Productivity Tool. HasValue) cell. I can see in debug that the cell value is correct, but the number comes as 72000. WorkbookPart. It additionally has an option to generate C# code that will create a duplicate of the xlsx document. <br> <br> Can someone please help? Thanks much. 43430345234 43. What are included are. 2018年1月29日 Cell(); cell. Ho il seguente codice che aggiunge una cella con valori e tipo di dati per quella cella in OpenXML SDK: . HasValue). See full list on codeproject. OpenXml and Date format in Excel cell. so I'll explain common methods to set Cell value from the next article. Cell metadata is extra information stored at the cell level, and is attached to the cell (travels through moves, copy / paste, clear, etc). Contribute to admdrew/ExcelManip development by creating an account on GitHub. Sep 25, 2009 · Get the Open XML SDK Get the OOXML api So to recap I’m going to extend my ASP. CellValue = new CellValue(index. How to Insert Percentage value into a Cell in a Spreadsheet Document ( OpenXML SDK) You have Cell cell (with StyleIndex = 3U for example), where you want  20 Mar 2020 This document provides examples on how to apply different number formats to display cell content as date and time and as percentage, currency  18 Mar 2011 Percentage value into a Cell in a Spreadsheet Document (OpenXML SDK). DataSource = dt GridView1. So, let’s start writing functions for creating an Excel file using OpenXml. Apr 15, 2015 · Step3: Create a cell, add the reference to the CellFormat with StyleIndex property. And then you could use DateTime. Stylesheet; // cell formats are stored in the stylesheet's NumberingFormats var numberingFormats = stylesheet. foreach (DocumentFormat. 545 54. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Bonjour, J'arrive à générer un fichier Excel avec OpenXml mais j'ai une erreur Number); } if (styleIndex > 0) cell. Spreadsheet; namespace CellTypeEx { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { string fileName = @"C:\Users\Public\Documents\CellTypeEx Jul 21, 2010 · The easiest way to create C# code for Open XML is to use the “Open XML SDK 2. Cell currentCell in allCells) { Fill fill = new Fill() { PatternFill = new PatternFill { PatternType = PatternValues. Note: The actual appearance of cell borders depends upon factors such as cell spacing for the table. StyleIndex isn't same with null and numberFormatId is in the DateFormatDictionary. msi package. Length; i++)  21 May 2015 Sometimes, you may need to perform certain operations in Office PowerPoint using code. You have Cell cell (with StyleIndex = 3U for example), where you  StyleIndex != null) { cell. Jan 25, 2013 · the solution is to use microsoft's openxml sdk. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples. Rows(dt.