College Committees


Several committees are formed in the college at the commencement of every academic year. These committees organize students’ cultural, social and academic activities. They also help to bring better understanding and good social awareness and contacts among the students from all classes. All students are expected to participate in these activities.


College magazine reflects the identity of the educational institutions and is an integral part of the education system. College magazines reflect the identity of the educational institutions through the writings of its students and teachers as well.

College magazine is entitled as “DARPAN”. It is very symbolic title as it reflects the writing of

the student’s mind. Students have a lot of potential within them which needs a proper channelization and outlet. DARPAN provides a wonderful platform for these young potential ones to showcase their talent as writers and express themselves through various issues.


Alumni Association of our college is duly registered. Regular meetings of Alumni Association are held in which various issues related to curriculum and development of the college are discussed. Feedback from all stakeholders including alumni is collected every year. Similarly, departmental level alumni associations are formed to facilitate the college level Alumni Association. The Alumni promotes employment and provides placements to our students. They also contribute funds, plants and equipment to college. In addition to that, Employability Enhancement and Social Awareness programmes are organized by the Alumni Association regularly. 


Vishaka guidelines were set of procedural guidelines for use in India in cases of sexual harassment. 

Sexual Harassment Means:

  • Sexual harassment is different from sexual desire, mutual romance or love.

  • It is unwelcome sexual behaviour

  • Sexual harassment can come in many forms like physical, psychological, verbal or non-verbal etc.

  • Sexual harassment is a violation of fundamental human rights.

  • Sexual harassment is a serious criminal offence.

  • Making sexual comments about female students is sexual harassment.

  • Sexual jokes designed to make young women uncomfortable is sexual harassment.

  • Spreading rumours of a sexual nature about female students or teachers is sexual harassment.

  • Making obscene gestures or showing pornographic pictures to embarrass young women is sexual harassment.

  • Forcing your romantic or sexual attentions on a college mate and refusing to accept her rejections are forms of sexual harassment.

  • There are no circumstances, no excuses for sexual harassment. You cannot, for instance, argue that you were provoked by the girl’s dress or behaviour.

  • Sexual harassment is a criminal offence. Every woman deserves respect and dignity. Any behaviour that denies that is unacceptable.

  • As a young male who wants to do the right thing, be a part of the solution and not of the problem.

  • Any male behavior that you feel is of a sexual nature and makes you uncomfortable is unacceptable.

  • Do not ignore what you think is sexual harassment, or try to keep it a secret.

  • If the harassment persists confront him in a rational, controlled and firm fashion. Remember harassers are bullies and all bullies are cowards.

  • If confrontation does not work, take action. If a college friends is troubling you, report it to someone in authority and whom you trust, such as a teacher or the principal.

  • Make your male friends understand how terrible it is to be harassed.

  • Ask you teacher to debate the issue in class, it’s very important form of education in gender relations.

  • Empower yourself-learn about the issue, know your rights, keep abreast of the laws, train in some form of physical self-defence.



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