Establishment Year 2001
Names of Programmes / Courses offered: Under Graduate 
Duration of Course (Years) 3 Years
Scope and Importance

chemistry is branch of science dealing with  the study of composition  structure  and properties of matter; In our day to day life  that involves  chemistry its applications  its rules.

  1. Food supply
  2. Contribution to improved health and sanitization facility
  3. Saving the environment Ex. CFCS in refrigerator
  4. In industry
  5. Comfort pleasure, luxurious life.
  1.  To Study the basic & different aspects of chemistry
  2. To develop skills quantitative & qualitative in chemical analysis.
  3. To produce the trained human resource for chemical & other related industries.
  4. To prepare base for future study in chemistry. 
Mission Understanding principles, phenomenon & applications of chemistry in various fields