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Zoology is branch of biology that deals with study of animals. A Zoologist pursues scientific studies of animal kingdom and deals with various aspects of including the structure, physiology, embryology, evolution, classification, behavior among other things of both living and extinct animals.
Considering the wide applications of the subject and its sub branches, a Zoologist has numerous career options. Knowledge of zoology has important implications for pure sciences, applied sciences as well as medical sciences. Pure science such taxonomic studies and evolutionary studies help us to understand the animals and their origins. Applied science zoology such as apiculture, pest insects and fish farming is useful for generating income and also mainting the ecosystems and environment. Understanding the parasites, vectors and animal models for genetics and molecular sciences is essential for medical sciences and pharmacological uses.
The Department trains students in all the essential aspects of the subject with current updated resources and socially relevant topics.
To Train students in the all the aspects and concepts of Zoology
Impart research and concept based teaching learning and socially relevant and updated subject knowledge and skills.