1.3.3 Number of students undertaking project work/field work/ internships
Programme name Program Code List of students undertaking project work/field work/internship Link to the relevant document
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S AARTI SANJAY GAIKWAD Gaikawad Arti Sanjay SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S ABHISHEK KHANDERAO NATHE Nathe Abhishek Khanderao_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S AJAY BHAUSAHEB NATHE Nath Ajay Bhausaheb SYBSc EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S AJAY GORAKH BORASTE Boraste Ajay Gorakh. SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S AJAY MURLIDHAR PATIL Patil Ajay Murlidhar SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21.
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S AKASH BHIMRAJ MAHALE Mahale Aakash Bhimraj_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S AKASH DATTATRAY MAHALE Mahale Akash Dattatray_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S AKASH HIRAMAN BHALERAO Bhalerav Akash Hiraman.SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S AKSHATA GORAKH DESHMUKH Deshmukh Akshata Gorakh_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S AKSHAY BALU SHELKE Shelke Akshay Balu_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S AKSHAY GOPINATH NAIKWADE Naikwade Akshay Gopinath_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S AKSHAY KHANDEAO VADJE Vadje Akshay Khanderao SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S AKSHAY SOMNATH TIDKE Tidake Akshay Somnath SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S AMOL ANIL JADHAV Amol Anil Jadhav_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S ANITA GOVIND RAUT Raut Anita Govind_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S ANKITA SAMBHAJI KADAM Kadam Ankita Sambhaji_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S ARATI VINOD SHARDUL Shardul Arati Vinod_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S ARCHANA BALKRUSHNA JADHAV Archana Balkrishna Jadhav_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S ARCHITA DILIP GAIKWAD Gaikwad Archita Dilip_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S ASHISH RAMNATH GHOLAP Gholap Ashish Ramnath_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S ASHWINI RAMDAS KATHAR Kathar Ashwini Ramdas_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S ASHWINI SANJAY DESHMUKH Deshmukh Ashwini Sanjay_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S ASMITA RAJESH PANDAY Pandey Asmita Rajesh_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S AVANTIKA NARHARI GAIKWAD Gaikwad Avantika Narhari
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S BHUSHAN ULHAS MULANE Mulan Bhushan Ulhas. SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S CHAITANYA SANJAYRAO PATIL Patil Chaytany Sanjayrao . SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S CHANDANI BAPU BHADANE Bhadane Chandni Bapu_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S DHANANJAY SANJAY GAVALI Gavli Dhananjay Sanjay .SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S DHANASHREE RAJARAM PAGAR Pagar Dhanashree Rajaram_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S DHANASHRI EKNATH CHAUDHARI Dhanashri Eknath Chaudhari_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S DHANSHRI SUNIL PATIL Patil Dhanashri Sunil_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S DHARTI AMRUTA GAIKWAD Gaikwad Dharti Amruta SYBSc EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S DIVYA HARISH KORALE Korale Divya Harish_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S DOLLY RAJARAM SABALE Dolly Rajaram Sable_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S FARHAN ASLAM SAIYYAD Sayyad Farhan Aslam. SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S GANESH RAMDAS DALAVI Dalve Ganesh Ramdas . SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S GAURI KAILAS GAIKWAD Gaikwad Gauri Kailas_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S HARSHADA ANANT PATIL Patil Harshand Anant_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S HARSHADA NAMDEO NAGARE Nagare Harshada Namdeo_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S JITENDRA JAGANNATH BHOYE Bhoye Jitendra Jagannath_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S KANTILAL AMBADAS GAVALI Gavali Kantilal Aambadas SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21.
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S KISHOR MINRAJ WALKE Walke Kishor Minraj_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S KOMAL KAILAS NATHE Nathe Komal Kailas_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S KOMAL SAHEBRAO SONAWANE Sonawane Komal Sahebrao_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S KOMAL SHANKAR MORE More Komal Shankar. SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S LEENA GULAB GAIKWAD Gaikwad Leena Gulab_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S MADHURI VASANT KHAIRNAR Khairnar Madhuri Vasant_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S MAHENDRA ASHOK SHARDUL Mahendra Ashok Shardul_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S MAHESH SUNIL BAGUL Bagul Mahesh Sunil_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S MANISHA RAMDAS BAGUL Bagul Manisha Ramdhas. SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S MAYUR ANIL PAGAR Pagare Mayur Anil SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S MAYUR BHALCHANDRA AHER Aher Mayur Bhalchandra_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S MAYURI YOGESH GANGURDE Gangude Mayuri Yogesh_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S MONIKA DHANRAJ HINDE Hinde Monika Dhanraj_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S NIKHIL TRAMBAK BARDE Barde Nikhil Trambak SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21.
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S NIKHIL VIJAY PINGAL Nikhal Vijay Pingal_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S NIKITA SHIVAJI JADHAV Jadhav Nikita Shivaji SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S NILESH HARI NIMSE Nilesh Hari Nimes_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S OMKAR PRADIP DHAGE Omkar Pradip Dhage_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S PAVAN SOMNATH BORASTE Boraste Pavan Somnath. SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S POOJA PARASHARAM NAVALE Nawale Pooja Parashram_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S PRATIKSHA MADHAV SAPKAL Sapkal Pratiksha Madhav. SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S PRITEE SANJAY KOLAGE Priti Sanjay Kaloge_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S PRITI BALASAHEB HINDE Priti Balasaheb Hinde_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S PRIYANKA DIGAMBAR PATIL Patil Priyanka Digambar_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S PRIYANKA MANIK SHIRSATH Shirsath Priyanka Manik_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S RAJSHRI ASHOK GHUGE Rajashri Ashok Ghughe_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S RAVINDRA MURLIDHAR GAVIT Gavit Ravindra Murlidhar SYBSc EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S REENA SUBHASH APSUNDE Apsunde Reena Subhash_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S ROHAN CHANDRAKANT KORALE Korale Rohan Chandrakant_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S ROHIT SHANTARAM BORADE Borade Rohit Shantaram SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S ROSHAN DIVAKAR PATIL Patil Roshan Divekar_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S RUTUJA SOMNATH KADAM Kadam Rutuja Somnath_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S RUTVIK ANIL DESHMUKH Rutvik Anil Deshmukh_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SAHIL SHARAD VADJE Sahil Sharad Vadje_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SAMADHAN PRAMOD JADHAV Jadhav Samadhan Pramod. SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SANGHARSHA HIRALAL BHALERAO Sahngharsha Hiralal Bhalerao_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SANJANA JAGDISH PARIHAR Parihar Sanjana Jagdish_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SANKET GORAKH DESHMUKH Sanket Gorakh Deshmukh_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SARFRAJ DILAWAR TAMBOLI Tamboli Sarfraj Dilwar SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SHASHIKANT ASHOK PAWAR Pawar Shashikant Ashok_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SHEKHAR RAJKUMAR SHARDUL Shardul Shekar Rajkumar_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SHIVANI VIJAY SHARDUL Shardul Shivani Vijay. SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SHRUTIKA ANANDA KARATE Karate Shrutika Ananda_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SHUBHAM SHIVAJI PINGALE Pingale Shubham Shivaji. SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SHUBHAM ULHAS DESHMUKH Deshmukh Shubham Ulhasrao. SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SHUBHAM VILAS MEDHANE Medhane Shubham Vilas . SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SITA SURESH JADHAV Jadhav Sita Suresh. SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SNEHA DATTU CHAUDHARI Chaudhari Sneha Dattu_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SRUSHTI ANIL SHINDE Shinde Shrushti Anil_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SUDARSHAN RAGHUNATH PATIL Patil Sudarshan Raghunath_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S SUVARNA SANJAY THEPANE Thepane Survana Sanjay_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S TANUJA CHANDRABHAN APSUNDE Apsunde Tanuja Chandrabhan_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S TEJAS SANJAY PAWAR Pawar Tejas Sanjay . SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S TEJAS SURESH MORE More Tejas Suresh_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S TEJASVINI RAMDAS CHAUDHARI Chaudhari Tejeswani Ramdas_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S UMESH RAJARAM MAHALE Mahale Umesh Rajaram SYBSc EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S VAISHALI SUNIL CHAUDHARI Chaudhari Vaishali Ravindra_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S VAISHNAVI SURESH PATIL Patil Vaishnavi Suresh_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S VARSHA JAGANNATH PADOL Varsha Jagannath Padol_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S VIDHI SUNIL PANPATIL Panpatil Vidhi Sunil_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S VIKAS KISAN SHEVARE Shivare Vikas Kisan SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S VISHANT BHASKAR DHATRAK Dhatrak Vishant Bhaskar_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S VISMAY BHAUSAHEB MEDHANE Medhane Vismay Bhausaheb. SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S YOGESH HIRAMAN RAUT Raut Yogesh Hiraman . SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S YOGITA RAJENDRA AHER Yogita Rajendra Aher_EVS_SYBSc_2020-21
SYBSc-Enviromental Science UG10S YUVRAJ KALU KAWAR Kavar Uvaraj Kalu. SYBSC EVS Project 2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A AARTI SANTOSH KSHIRSAGAR Kshirsagar Aarati Santosh
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A ABHIJIT NARAYAN NATHE Nathe Abhijeet Narayan
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A AJAY POPAT PATIL Patil Ajay Popat_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A AKASH SHANTARAM GHOLAP Gholap Akash Shantaram_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A AKSHAY DILIP AHIRE Ahire Akshay Dilip
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A AKSHAY RAMBHAU THAKARE Thakare Akshay Rambhau
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A AMIT KISAN GAIKWAD Gaikwad Amit Kisan
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A AMOL KHANDU GAIKWAD Gaikwad Amol Khandu
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A AMOL SANJAY JADHAV Jadhav Amol Sanjay
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A AMOL SURESH THORAT Thorat Amol Suresh
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A ANGARIKA LAXMAN SHINDE Shinde Angarika Laxman
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A ANIKET NIVRUTTI GANGODE Gangode Aniket Nivrutti
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A ANITA PANDURANG WAGH Wagh Anita Pandurang
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A ASHITOSH SHARAD NIKAM Nikam Ashutosh Sharad
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A ASMITA BHAGWAN PAGARE Pagare Asmita Bhagwan _EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A AVANTIKA BALKRUSHNA NIRBHAVANE Nirbhavane Awantika Balkrushna_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A BHARAT KESHAV BHOYE Bhoye Bharat Keshav
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A BHARAT SITARAM THETE Thete Bharat Sitram
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A BHUSHAN PANDURANG GAIKWAD Gaikwad Bhushan Pandurang
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A BHUSHAN SHARAD DUSHING Dushing Bhushan Sharad
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A CHAITALI ASHOK PELMAHALE Pelmahale Chaitali Ashok_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A CHETAN HIRAMAN MEDHANE Medhane Chetan Hiraman
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A CHETAN KAILAS TARLE Tarle Chetan Kailas
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A CHETAN PRAKASH WAGH Wagh Chetan Prakash
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A CHETAN SOMNATH THORMISE Thormise Chetan Somnath
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A DAMINI CHANDRAKANT GANGURDE Gangurde Damini Chandrakant
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A DHANANJAY SHIVAJI NIGAL Nigal Dhananjay Shivaji_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A DIGAMBAR ANANDA SHINDE Shinde Digambar Ananda
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A DURGA SANJAY JAGTAP Jagtap Durga Sanjay
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A GANESH NALIND APSUNDE Apsunde Ganesh Nalind
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A GANESH VILAS MEDHANE Medhane Ganesh Vilas
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A GAURAV CHANDRAKANT JADHAV Jadhav Gourav Chandrakant_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A HARSHADA SHALIGRAM KUMAVAT Kumavat Harshada Shaligram
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A JAYWANT SHIVAJI DAMALE Dambale Jaywant Shivaji
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A JYOTI SHANKAR BHAVAR Jyoti Shankar Bhavar_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A KANCHAN RAJARAM PINGALE Pingale Kanchan Rajaram
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A KARAN SANJAY NIKAM Nikam Karan Sanjay_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A KISHOR KRUSHNA GANGODE Gangode Kishor Krushana
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A KOMAL SUBHASH GANGURDE Gangurde Komal Subhash
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A KOMAL SURESH SATALE Satale Komal Suresh_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A KRUSHNA BHASKAR JADHAV Jadhav Krushna Bhuskar_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A KRUSHNA VASANT PAWAR Pawar Krushana Vasant
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A MADHURI HEMRAJ RAHERE Rahere Madhuri Hemant
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A MADHURI RATAN CHAUDHARI Chaudhari Madhuri Ratan_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A MAHESH SANJAY MALSANE Malsane Mahesh Sanjay
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A MANGESH ANANDA VADJE Mangesh Anand Wadje _EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A MANGESH BABAN SABALE Sabale Mangesh Baban
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A MANISH DAULATRAO KADAM Kadam Mahish Daulatrao
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A NARENDRA SHANKAR BANSODE Bansode Narendra Shankar
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A NIKITA VIJAY JADHAV Jadhav Nikita Vijay _EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A NILESH SUBHASH PATIL Patil Nilesh Subhash
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A NIRMALA RAMNATH GANGODE Nirmala Ramnath Gangode_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A POOJA SANTOSH KHANDAVE Khandave Pooja Santosh_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A POOJA SHANTARAM SONAWANE Sonawane Pooja Shantaram_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A POPAT HARICHANDRA ZIRWAL Zirwal Popat Harichandra
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A PRADNYA RAVINDRA SHARDUL Shardul Pradnya Ravindra
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A PRANITA SAHEBRAO SHINDE Pranita Sahebrao Shinde_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A PRATIK ASHOK MALSANE Pratik Ashok Malsane _EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A PRIYANKA DATTATREY BADADE Badade Priyanka Dattatrey_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A PRIYANKA SURESH HENDRE Hendre Priyanka Suresh _EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A RAHUL DEVIDAS BHAVAR Bhavar Rahul Devidas
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A RAHUL RAJENDRA BHOYE Bhoya Rahul Rajendra
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A RAHUL VASANT ZIRWAL Zirwal Rahul Vasant
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A RAMESHWAR BALKRUSHNA PELMAHALE Pelmahale Rameshwar Balkrushna
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A ROHITBHI JAMSINGBHAI GOSAI Gosai Rohitbhi Jamshinghbhai
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A ROSHAN BALU PATADE Patade Roshan Balu_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A ROSHAN GOVIND MUKANE Mukane Roshan Govind
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A ROSHAN SHASHIKANT PINGALE Pingale Roshan Shashikant
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A RUSHIKESH RAJARAM GANORE Ganore Rukhikesh Rajaram
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A RUTIK SANJAY KADAM Kadam Rutik Sanjay
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SACHIN KISAN GAIKWAD Gaikwad Sachin Sanjay
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SAGAR SHANTARAM KORDE Sagar Shantaram Korde_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SAGAR SOMNATH KADAM Kadam Sagar Somnath_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SAHIL SANDEEP GAWARI Sahil Sandip Gawari_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SAKSHI VILAS GAIKWAD Gaikwad Sakshi Vilas_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SAMADHAN PANDHARINATH GANGODE Gangode Samadhan Pandharinath
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SAMADHAN SANJAY PINGALE Pingale Samadhan Sanjay _EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SANCHIT GANGADHAR BADADE Bhadade Sanchit Gangadhar
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SANKET NAVNARAYAN BORADE Borade Sanket Navnarayan_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SANKET RAMADAS PATADE Patade Sanket Ramdas
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SANTOSH SITARAM ZIRWAL Zirwal Santosh Sitaram
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SAURABH SUNIL LOKHANDE Lokhande Saurabh Sunil_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SHASHANK BHASKAR AHIRE Ahire Shashank Bhaskar
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SHIVAM AMBADAS PATIL Patil Shivam Ambadas
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SHUBHAM NIVRUTTI CHAUDHARI Chaudhari Shubham Nivrutti_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SHUBHANGI SHIVAJI DESHMUKH Shubhangi Shivaji Deshmukh_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SHWETA RAMADAS JADHAV Jadhav Shweta Ramdas_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SHWETA SHARAD VADJE Shweta Sharad Vadje_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SHWETA TANAJI KAMALE Kamale Shweta Tanaji_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SONALI JAYWANT PAWAR Pawar Sonali Jaywant
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SONALI RAJESH NIKHADE Sonali Rajesh Nikhade_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SONALI RAMESH MALSANE Malsane Sonali Ramesh
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SUJIT KAILAS PELMAHALE Pelmahale Sujit Kailas
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SURAJ KAILAS THETE Suraj Kailas Thete_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SURAJKUMAR ARJUN YADAV Yadav Surajkumar Arjun_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SWAPNIL SANJAY KORALE Korale Swapnil Sanjay
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A SWATI SURESH JADHAV Jadhav Swati Suresh
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A TEJASHRI MADHUKAR KHANDAVE Khandave Tejashri Madhukar_EVS_SYBA_2020-21
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A TUSHAR CHINTAMAN CHAROSKAR Charoskar Tushar Chintaman
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A TUSHAR PINTU GANGODE Gangode Tushar Pintu
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A VAIBHAV SANJAY RAUT Raut Vaibhav Sanjay
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A VAIBHAV VILAS GAIKWAD Gaikwad Vaibhav Vilas
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A VAISHNAVI VINAYAK BHALERAO Bhalerao Vaishanavi Vinayak
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A VIJAY SURESH APSUNDE Apsunde Vijay Suresh
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A VIKAS BHAUSAHEB BHAGARE Bhagare Vikas Bhausaheb
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A VISHAL SUDAM DHULE Dhule Vishal Sudam
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A VISHAL VINOD GAWARE Gaware Vishal Vinod
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A YOGESH SURESH NATHE Nathe Yogesh Suresh
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A YOGITA BHAGWANT GAIKWAD Gaikwad Yogita Bhagwant
SYBA-Enviromental Science UG08A YOGITA MAHENDRA KOLHE Kolhe Yogita Mahendra
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C AAKASH GANPAT PAGAR Pagar Aakash Ganpat
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ABHIJIT POPAT SHINDE Shinde Abhijit Popat_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ADITYA VILAS JADHAV Jadhav Aditya Vilas
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C AISHWARYA VILAS SHINDE Shinde Aishwarya Vilas SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C AKASH DILIP NATHE Nathe Akash Dilip SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C AKSHADA LAXMAN MORE More Akshada Laxman SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C AKSHAY BALASAHEB APSUNDE Apsunde Akshay Balasaheb_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ALIYA FIROJ SHAIKH Sakikh Aliya Firoj_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C AMIT RAJENDRA JADHAV Jadhav Amit Rajendra
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ANIKET BALASAHEB PATIL Aniket Balasaheb Patil SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ANIKET MADHAV WAGH Wagh Aniket Madhav
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ANITA SOMNATH APSUNDE Apsunde Anita Somnath
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ANJALI TRAMBAK SHINDE Shinde Anjali Trambak
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ARATI LAXMAN FALANE Falane Arti Laxman SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ARCHANA DATTU VADAJE Vadje Archana Dattu_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ARCHANA SUDHAKAR JADHAV Jadhav Archana Sudhakar
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ASHA AKHILESH SINGH Singh Asha Akhilesh_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ASHISH BHARAT MOGAL Mogal Ashish Bharat
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ASHWINI RAVINDRA SHINDE Shinde Ashwini Ravindra SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C AVINASH CHANDRAKANT SHELKE Avinash Chandrakant Shelke
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C BHAGYASHREE ARVIND HIRE IHire Bhagyashree Arvind
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C BHAGYASHRI BALASAHEB DESHMUKH Deshmukh Bhagyashri Balasaheb
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C CHAITALI KAILASH GHOLAP Gholap Chaitali Kailas_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C CHAITALI MAHENDRA GAWARE Gaware Chaitali Mahendra_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C CHANCHAL PANDIT APSUNDE Apsunde Chanchal Pandit_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C CHETAN ASHOKRAO BARDE Barde Chetan Ashokrao
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C DAMINI SAMBHAJI PATIL Patil Damini Sambhaji_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C DARSHAN MOHAN BATTASE Battase Darshan Mohan
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C DEEPALI RATAN VADJE Vadje Dipali Ratan SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C DHANRAJ RAMDAS PATIL Patil Dhanraj Ramdas
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C DHANSHREE DILIP LASULKAR Lasurkar Dhanshree Dilip SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C DIPALI SANDIP JADHAV Jadhav Dipali Sandip SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C DISHA MURLIDHAR GHADWAJE Ghadwaje Disha Murlidhar SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C DIVYA PANDIT KHANDVE Khandave Divya Pandit SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C DNYANESHWAR RAJARAM MORE Dnyaneshwar Rajaram More_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C DURGA SAMPAT VICHAL Vichal Durga Sampat_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C DURGESH DILIP PATIL Patil Durgesh Dilip
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C GAYATRI DATTU KANK Kank Gaytri Dattu SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C GAYATRI MADHUKAR MEMANE Memane Gaytri Madhukar SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C GAYATRI NILESH ZAMBARE Zambare Gayatri Nilesh_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C HARSHALI MADHUKAR KHARE Khare Harshali Madhukar SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C HIMANI LAXMIKANT RAUT Himani Laxmikant Raut_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ISHIKA BRIJMOHAN SHRIVASTAV Shriwastav Ishika Brijmohan SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C JYOTI ASHOK CHAROSKAR Charoskar Jyoti Ashok
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C JYOTI DATTATRAY PAGAR Pagar Jyoti Dattatray
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C JYOTI KESHAV APSUNDE Apsunde Jyoti Keshav_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C KAJAL BHASKAR WAGHERE Waghere Kajal Bhaskar SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C KANCHAN GOVIND KALE Kale Kanchan Goavind
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C KANCHAN MADHUKAR VADJE Vadje Kanchan Madhukar_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C KANCHAN VISHNU PINGAL Pingale Kanchan Vishnu SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C KOMAL GOTIRAM BORASTE Boraste Komal Gotiram SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C KOMAL ULLHAS PATIL Patil Komal Ulhas_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C KUNAL VISHWANATH PEKHALE Pekhale Kunal Vishwnath SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C LAKHAN RAJENDRA DALVI Dalvi Lakhan Rajnendra_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C MADHURI DIGAMBAR APSUNDE Apsunde Madhuri Digambar_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C MADHURI NARAYAN GHADAWAJE Ghadawje Madhuri Narayn_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C MADHURI VALU BORASTE Boraste Madhuri Valu
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C MAHESH BHASKAR BORASTE Boraste Mahesh Bhaskar_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C MANASI PAWAN SHEVGEKAR Shevgonkar Mansi PavanSYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C MAYUR MACHHINDRA SONAWANE Sonawane Mayur Machhindra
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C MAYUR SAMPAT BORASTE Boraste Mayur Sampat SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C MAYUR TULSHIRAM JADHAV Jadhav Mayur Tulshiram
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C MAYUR VIJAY PINGAL Pingal Mayur Vijay_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C MAYURI RAMESH KANOJE Kanoje Mayuri Ramesh
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C MONALI HIRALAL BHALERAO Bhalerao Monali Hiralal SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C MONIKA RAMESH CHAUDHARI Choudhari Monika Ramesh SYBCom_EVS_2020-21 (2)
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C MUKTA SANJAY BORASTE Boraste Mukta Sanjay_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C NANDA SANJAY SALUNKHE Salunkhe Nanda Sanjay_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C NEHA RAJENDRA CHAVAN Chavan Neha Rajendra__SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C NIKHIL VALIBA BHAGWAT Bhagwat Nikhil Waliba_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C NIKITA ASHOK MORE More Nikita Ashok SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C NIKITA DASHARATH THAKARE Thakare Nikita Dasharath_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C NILAM KAILAS APSUNDE Apsunde Nilam Kailas_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C NILAM KEDU ADSARE Adsare Nilam Kedu
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C NILESH MANGESH GANGURDE Gangurde Nilesh Mangesh
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C NITIN SHIVAJI MORE More Nitin Shivaji SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ONKAR KAILAS DAUND Dound Onkar Kailas SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C POOJA BABAN SANGAMNERE Sangamnere Pooja Baban_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C POOJA BHAUSAHEB DHAGE Dhage Pooja Bhaushaeb SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C POOJA CHANGDEO KHADE Khade Pooja Changdeo SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C POOJA EKNATH PELMAHALE Pelmahale Pooja Eknath SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C POOJA NANDU AHER Aher Pooja nandu_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C POOJA SHAMRAO PAGARE Pagare Pooja Shamrao SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C POOJA SUNIL MATALE Matale Pooja SunilSYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C POOJA VALU KHURDAL Khurdal Pooja Valu SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C POOJA VILAS KHIRSAGAR Khirsagar Pooja Vilas
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C PRAGATI BALASAHEB BOLKAR Bolkar Pragati Balasaheb SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C PRAJAKTA RAJENDRA DESHMUKH Deshmukh Prajakta Rajendra_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C PRASAD KAILAS AHIRE Ahire Prasad Kailas_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C PRATIBHA POPAT CHAROSKAR Charoskar Pratibha Popat_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C PRATIK BHIKA JADHAV Jadhav Pratik Bhika
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C PRATIK NIVRUTTI MEDHANE Medhane Pratik Nivrutti
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C PRATIKSHA SANJAY PACHORKAR Pachorkar Pratiksha Sanjay_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C PRATIKSHA SANJAY PELMAHALE Pelmahale Pratiksha Sanjay SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C PRAVIN DILIP SONAWANE Sonawane Pravin Dilip
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C PRITI PRAMOD JADHAV Jadhav Priti Pramod SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C PRIYANKA RAJARAM PAWAR Pawar Priyanka Rajaram
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C PRIYANKA SANJAY BUNGE Bunge Priyanka Sanjay SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C PUNAM RATAN MESAT Mesat Punam Ratan SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C RAHUL DEVIDAS MAHALE Mahale Rahul Devidas
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C RAHUL PANDURANG PAWAR Pawar Rahul Pandurang
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C RAKHI SOMNATH KHANDVE Khandave Rakhi Somnath SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C RANI BHAGWAN WAGH Wagh Rani Bhagwan SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C RINKU DATTATRAY KADAM Kadam Rinku Dattatray
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ROHAN RAMESH NAIKWADE Naikwade Rohan Ramesh SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ROSHAN DATTATREY NATHE Nathe Roshan Dattatrey_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ROSHAN GOPINATH SHEKHARE Shekhare Roshan Gopinath
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ROSHAN SANJAY PAGAR Pagar Roshan Sanjay
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ROSHANI RAMRAO KADAM Kadam Roshani Ramrao SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C RUTIK DILIP AHER Aher Rutik Dilip
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C RUTIKA RAJARAM PINGAL Pingal Rutika Rajaram_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C RUTUJA GORAKH DANDGVHAN Dandgvan Rutuja Gorakh_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SAGAR RAMNATH DAVANGE Davnge Sagar Ramnath_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SAGAR SUNIL MEDHANE Medhane Sagar Sunil_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SAJAN SUNIL HIRE Hire Sajan Sunil
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SALONI YUVRAJ TUPLONDHE Tuplondhe Saloni Yuvraj SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SANKET SHYAM MULANE Mulane Sanket Shyam
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SARLA SHIVAJI KOKATE Kokate Sarla Shivaji _SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SHEETAL VASANTRAO GAIKWAD Gaikwad Shital Ramrao SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SHIFA SALIM TAMBOLI Tamboli Shifa Salim SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SHITAL BAKERAO VADJE Vadje Shital Bakerao
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SHITAL DAGU MOGAL Mogal Shital Dagu
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SHITAL KAILAS JADHAV Jadhav Shital Kailas SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SHITAL PRAMOD DHUMANE Dhumane Shital Pramod SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SHRUTI RAMNATH GHOLAP Gholop Shruti Ramnath SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SHUBHAM ASHOK APSUNDE Apsunde Shubham Ashok
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SHUBHAM DATTATREY KAHANE Kahane Shubham Dattatray SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SHUBHAM KEDUDAS BAIRAGI Bairagi Shubham Kedudas
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SHUBHAM NILESH ZAMBARE Zambare Shubham Nilesh_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SHUBHAM VISHNU APSUNDE Apsunde Shubham Vishnu
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SHUBHANGI NANA MOJAD Shubhangi Nana Mojad SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SNEHAL NAMDEV PAWAR Pawar Snehal Namdevro_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SNEHAL RAVINDRA GHOLAP Gholop Snehal Ravindra SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SOHAM MAHESH GHATAGE Soham Mahesh Ghatage_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SONAL RAGHUNATH BORASTE Boraste Sonal Raghunath_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SONALI DNYANESHWAR SHINDE Shinde Sonali Dnyaneshwar
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SONALI VASANT KALOGE Kaloge Sonali Vasant_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SUCHITA DNYANESHWAR JADHAV Jadhav Suchita Dnyaneshwar_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SUMIT TRAMBAK MURKUTE Murkute Sumit Trambak SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SUYOG KAILAS SHINDE Shinde Suyog Kailas
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C SWATI SUDHAKAR NIKAM Nikam Swati Sudhakar SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C TAI RAMDAS MORE More Tai Ramdas_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C TANMAI SHITALKUMAR PAHADE Pahade Tanmai Shitalkumar
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C TEJASHRI SUNIL VADJE Vadaje Tejashri SunilSYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C TEJESHVI SURENDRA GAWARE Gaware Tejaswi Surendra_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C TUSHAR GULAB KAD Kad Tushar Gulab
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C VAISHALI RAMESH PACHORKAR Pachorkar Vaishali Ramesh
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C VIJAY SANJAY DHULE Dhule Vijay Sanjay
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C VISHAL MADHUKAR KADALE Kadale Vishal Madhukar SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C VRUSHALI BHARAT MORE More Vrushali Bharat SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C VRUSHALI DATTATRAY WALKE Vrushali Dattatray Walke_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C VRUTTIKA TULSIDAS AYAR Ayar Vruttika Tulsidas
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C YASH ULHAS BORASTE Boraste Yash Ulhas
SYBCom-Enviromental Science UG02C ZINAT RAJUBHAI MULANI Mulani Zinat Rajubhai_SYBCom_EVS_2020-21
Physics-TYBSC-PHY349 UG03S Borade Akanksha Ramchandra Borade Akanksha Ramchandra_Physics_2020-21
Physics-TYBSC-PHY349 UG03S Sarthak Gopinath Pingal Sarthak Gopinath Pingal_Physics_2020-21
Physics-TYBSC-PHY349 UG03S Vadje Divya Sharad Vadje Divya Sharad_Physics_2020-21
Physics-TYBSC-PHY349 UG03S Shubhangi Sanjay Raut Shubhangi Sanjay Raut_Physics_2020-21
Physics-TYBSC-PHY349 UG03S Vadje Tanuja Vilas Vadje Tanuja Vilas_Physics_2020-21
Physics-TYBSC-PHY349 UG03S Chaudhari Ravina Ramesh Chuadhari Ravina Ramesh_Physics_2020-21
Physics-TYBSC-PHY349 UG03S Bhoye Mayuri Jagannath Bhoye Mayuri Jaganath_Physics_2020-21
Physics-TYBSC-PHY349 UG03S Kokate Pooja Rambhau Kokate Pooja Rambhau_Physics_2020-21
Physics-TYBSC-PHY349 UG03S Komal Kailas Gade Gade Komal Kailas_Physics_2020-21
Physics-TYBSC-PHY349 UG03S Powar Sapana Shamrao Pawar Sapana Shamrao_Physics_2020-21
Physics-TYBSC-PHY349 UG03S Chaudhari Surekha Sahebrao Chaudhari Surekha Shamrao_Physics_2020-21
Physics-TYBSC-PHY349 UG03S Vanita Hiraman Jopale Jopale Vanita Hiraman_Physics_2020-21
MCom-2_416 MCom_01 Apsunde Sachin Nivrutti Sachin Nivrutti Apsunde_MCom_2020-21
MCom-2_416 MCom_01 Bhoi Rupali Rajendra Rupali Rajendra Bhoi_MCom_2020-21
MCom-2_416 MCom_01 Boraste Renuka Dinkar Renuka Dinkar Boraste_MCom_2020-21
MCom-2_416 MCom_01 Dhakane Suyash Shashikant Suyash Shashikant Dhakne_MCom_2020-21
MCom-2_416 MCom_01 Dhawale Pankaj Prakash Pankaj Prakash Dhavale_MCom_2020-21
MCom-2_416 MCom_01 Gaikwad Madhuri Raosaheb Madhuri Raosaheb Gaikwad_MCom_2020-21
MCom-2_416 MCom_01 Gaikwad Priyanka Nitin Priyanka Nitin Gaikwad_MCom_2020-21
MCom-2_416 MCom_01 Gangurde Varsha Kishor Varsha Kishor Gangurde_MCom_2020-21
MCom-2_416 MCom_01 Jadhav Shubhangi Pramod Shubhangi Pramod Jadhav_MCom_2020-21
MCom-2_416 MCom_01 Kadam Neha Nandkumar Neha Nandkumar Kadam_MCom_2020-21
MCom-2_416 MCom_01 Kalwadiya Hetal Bhartakumar Hetal Bharat Kalawadiya _MCom_2020-21
MCom-2_416 MCom_01 Mahale Jayshri Vishvnath Jayashri Vishvnath Mahale_MCom_2020-21
MCom-2_416 MCom_01 Pachorkar Swati Chindhu Swati Chindhu Pachorkar_MCom_2020-21
MCom-2_416 MCom_01 Sambherao Dhanashri Govind Dhanashree Govind Sambherao_MCom_2020-21
MCom-2_416 MCom_01 Shinde Dhanshree Rajendra Dhanashri Rajendra Shinde_MCom_2020-21